When You Need an MRI

Queens imagingWhen it comes to diagnostic imaging, your physician has a say in what type of test you need to get the scope of what’s going on inside your body. Whether they decide to order an X-ray or ultrasound, the type of testing they send you to get is tailored to the kind of problems you’re experiencing. If your doctor orders an MRI for you, you’re probably experiencing symptoms that require a little more detailed testing. Here are some conditions and symptoms that could let you know that you may need an MRI.

You’ve had a heart attack – If you’ve recently experienced a heart attack, your doctor may want to order an MRI for you. An MRI can help to detect if any residual tissue damage occurred as a result of the attack. Your doctor will order an MRI if they think that you’re still experiencing issues related to the heart attack.

You’ve had a brain injury – After severe injuries to your head, there needs to be extensive testing done to view the full range of what happened. If you’ve recently had a brain injury such as a concussion, stroke, seizures, or an aneurysm, your doctor may order an MRI to view the current health of your brain. An MRI can help to see the tissue surrounding your brain and the damage done to it from your injury.

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