When an Open MRI is Used

Queens imaging centerHaving any form of diagnostic imaging can be anxiety-producing, especially if it is not something you have had done before. Deciding what type of imaging is needed is generally up to your referring physician. However, there are specific conditions, injuries, and other circumstances that require an open MRI. Here are a few instances in which your doctor would recommend you receive an open MRI as opposed to a traditional MRI experience.

You have issues with mobility – Whether you have experienced an injury that prevents you from moving how you regularly would or are a person with a physical disability, an open MRI might be the route you and your doctor choose for diagnostic imaging. This allows the radiology technician to assist you in adjustments throughout the procedure with ease, as well as allowing you to feel as comfortable as possible during your testing.

You have claustrophobia – Claustrophobia is defined as the fear of small, enclosed spaces, and affects 5 – 7 % of the population. It can be triggered by elevators, small cars, public transportation, or many other common types of small spaces. One of the most frequent situations in which your doctor will recommend an open MRI instead of the traditional MRI is when you have claustrophobia. The free, unrestricted testing environment allows patients to feel at ease and not constricted while testing is happening.

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