What Kind of Scan You Need – Part 2

In our previous blog post, we talked about common injuries, conditions, and other problems in which a doctor would decide what type of Queens imaging centerdiagnostic imaging you would need. Depending on what kind of symptoms you are experiencing or injuries you have sustained, your physician will determine what kind of testing you need to have ordered. Here are some other typical illnesses, injuries, and problems in which your doctor would request specific imaging.

Pulmonary embolism – A severe and often undiagnosed issue that needs to be seen with specific imaging is a pulmonary embolism, which is otherwise known as a blood clot in your lung. Blood clots, regardless of where they are in your body, should be addressed as an emergency, as they can cause death. Blood clots in your lungs are just as dangerous but need to be viewed by specific imaging ordered by your doctor. An ultrasound is almost always the route that a physician will take in diagnosing PE since this type of testing uses sound waves to show where and how large the blockage is in a lung.

ACL-related injuries – A painful and unfortunately common injury to athletes are ACL-related injuries. The ACL, also known as the anterior cruciate ligament, is what keeps your knee stabilized and allows it to rotate correctly. When it is sprained or torn, the patient often experiences excruciating pain in their knee and usually requires surgery to repair the ligament. ACL injuries are diagnosed through MRI’s, which give detailed imaging of bones, ligaments, and tendons in a person’s body. MRI’s are often the test of choice for this issue because of their exceptional detail and ability to see ligaments and tendons clearly.

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