What Kind of Scan You Need – Part 1

If your doctor is getting ready to send you for diagnostic imaging, do you know how they decide what kind of test you need? As a patient, it may seem like a mystery to you as to what your doctor uses to determine on if you need an x-ray, CT scan, or An MRI, but there are specific criteria they use to make that assessment. Here are some common issues, injuries, and conditions that a doctor uses to decide on what type of testing you need.

Broken and fractured bones – Unfortunately, most of us will experience the broken toe or fractured finger in our lifetime. When you go to the doctor to get this type of injury checked out, they will most likely have some form of imaging done to examine the break thoroughly.  Most physicians will order an x-ray, since not much detail outside of what that type of imaging is needed and it shows the areas affected in the bone.

Abdominal pain – If you have experienced severe abdominal pain without a direct cause, you know the agony of waiting on test results to show what is going on. Whether it is a ruptured appendix or you have an injury sustained from a broken rib, your doctor will order a CT scan to get a better view of what is wrong. CT scans utilize x-ray imaging as well as other forms of imaging technology to produce high-quality, detailed pictures of organs, bones, and masses in your body. This type of testing is used to diagnosis the cause of abdominal pain because of the level of detail and accuracy it provides.

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