What Can an MRI Find? – Part 2

upright MRI in QueensIn our previous blog post, we talked about the different injuries, conditions, and diseases that an MRI can find. While there are many different things that diagnostic imaging can see, there are a few myths about what an MRI can find in your body and what it cannot. Here are a few more things that this type of testing can detect.

Blood clots – One of the most deadly issues that an MRI can detect is DVT or deep vein thrombosis. DVT is essentially a blood clot in the leg but can be fatal if not treated immediately. DVT’s can block off the oxygen supply to many different parts of your body, so if it is spotted in an MRI, it is usually addressed quickly.

Issues with joints – Because of their level of accuracy and precision, MRI’s are used to take a look at damage or injury to joints. Unlike an X-ray, an MRI can give your physician an incredibly detailed look at the issue that is going on with your joints. It takes a look at the how the tendons, ligaments, and bones are working together in your joint, and what could be the source of your pain.

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