The Importance of Lung Cancer Screenings

One of the most ground-breaking advances in modern medicine has been the way diagnostic imaging can we used to find fatal illnesses beforelung cancer screening they become past the point of treatment. One of the most high-tech ways that this is used is to detect lung cancer in patients who are at risk for developing it. When diagnosed with lung cancer in its early stages by a low-dose CT scan, patients can receive the treatment they need before the cancer spreads to other parts of the body. Here are a few reasons why it is essential to receive preventative lung cancer screening if you are considered at high risk for developing it.

It can help to prolong your life – With the new age of medicine comes the thought that cancer is no longer considered a death sentence. While that is very true, it is because of preventative testing and screening that cancer can be nipped in the bud while it is still treatable. This is undoubtedly the case with lung cancer, as studies have shown that having a screening can lower the patient’s chances of dying from it around 15-20%.

Even if you do not show symptoms, you could still have it – Unfortunately like many forms of cancer, those who have lung cancer do not always experience symptoms of it that would prompt you to visit your doctor to get a screening. However, if you meet specific criteria by the American Lung Association that labels you for being high-risk at developing lung cancer, you can find the disease ahead of time before it spreads to other parts of your body.

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