The Benefits of an Open MRI

The Benefits of an Open MRIModern medicine has advanced in many areas, but one of the most progressive sectors of it is diagnostic imaging. An example of just how far diagnostic imaging has come in the past few decades is the birth of the open MRI machine. Open MRI’s allow for a more comfortable patient experience than the traditional MRI test and still has the same level of detail in its images. Here are just a few benefits of an open MRI:

Allows for patients of all sizes – The traditional MRI experience is when the patient goes through the enclosed, cylinder tube for imaging. Instead of the tight space that patients were passed through before, an open MRI allows them to get digital imaging without the confines of that tube. This allows patients of all sizes to be tested in one MRI machine.

It is ideal for claustrophobic patients – One of the greatest advantages of having an open MRI machine at our facility is the ability to ease the nerves of patients who experience claustrophobia. Claustrophobia, or the fear of enclosed, tight spaces, is something that many people experience on a daily basis, but especially when they were getting a regular MRI. The unrestricted testing area of an open MRI does not have the enclosed cylinder it did with the traditional experience and is ideal for those who are uncomfortable in smaller, closed off environments.

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