Preparing Your Child for an MRI

It does not matter what age you are, MRI’s can still seem intimidating well past your adolescent years. However, the MRI process can seem Flushing imaging centerespecially scary for children in particular. When your child is getting ready for their first scan, there are things you can do to ease their worried mind. Here are some tips on how to prepare your child for their first MRI.

Be open with them about it – Regardless of the type of MRI your child is having done, it is essential to be open with them about the scan as a whole. Talking to them about some of the things they will experience, such as sounds and feeling they may have, can help put their mind at ease.

“Make believe” your own MRI setup – One of the best things you can do to prepare your child for their first MRI is to role-play what will happen during the test with them. This will not only give them a frame of reference when entering their first scan, but it can also help to show them it will not be as scary as they might think it will be.

Let them ask questions – In getting your child ready for their first MRI experience, allow them to ask all of the question they need to before the test. This can be intimidating from a parent perspective, especially when you might not know all of the answers to their questions, but it will help to alleviate any anxiety your child has before heading in for their test.

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