Preparing for an MRI

Are you headed in for your first MRI with us at Queens Dynamic Medical Imaging? While there’s no reason to be nervous for your first Queens imagingprocedure, there are things you need to do to prepare for your test. Here are a few different things you can do to prepare for your MRI with us.

Have your list of medications ready – before your first MRI, have a list of the current medications you’re taking available for the technician. This has to include all medicines, such as antibiotics, any kidney medications, and multivitamins. It’s important for the technician to be aware of your medications before the procedure in case there’s any potential for an adverse reaction to occur.

Limit your accessories – When it comes to the day of the procedure, make sure you’ve removed all piercings, jewelry, and have not worn any clothing with metal adornments. Your technician will ask you to remove any jewelry if they see it before you enter the MRI room, but it is often easier to limit it beforehand by leaving your jewelry at home.

Alert the technician of your conditions – If you suffer from any conditions or have any metal in your body, it’s crucial to let your technician know before you have your MRI. Things hearing aids, pacemakers, shrapnel, or any implanted devices that contain metal can interfere with your MRI and should be brought to the technician’s attention immediately.

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