Physicians’ Portal for Radiology in Queens

At Queens Medical Dynamic Imaging, our services for radiology in Queens are designed for convenience and your patients’ optimal comfort while enhancing the diagnostic process with quality technology and skilled service standards.

Our .3t Open Upright Hitachi MRI Machine provides superior images for diagnostic accuracy without the restrictions associated with a traditional MRI machine. Some patients may require a larger MRI machine to feel more comfortable. At Queens Dynamic Medical Imaging, we provide an open MRI in Queens experience that is comfortable for patients of a variety of sizes. Reassuring communication with our technicians is also available throughout the length of the testing. This will help to improve patient experience and likelihood that the test will be performed successfully during their Queens open MRI.

The staff at our MRI imaging center is devoted to providing test results quickly. Your patients will benefit from the faster diagnosis and treatment as they will not be waiting for test results. Reports are typically available within 24 hours or when necessary in emergencies. Accessing results through our Physicians’ Portal makes it easy to view the results, as well as find convenient links to prescription pads and patient referral forms for other radiology in Queens testing.

Get connected with the access you need to your patient’s electronic medical records with the Physicians’ Portal from Queens Dynamic Medical Imaging Center. Our Queens open MRI facility is designed for optimal comfort for your patients of many sizes and all ages. Our center also offers the ability to have music playing during the testing to increase relaxation for our patients. This small adjustment from the other imaging centers sets us apart for all imaging needs such a CT scans, x-rays, and open MRIs in Queens.

Having a Physicians’ Portal is an efficient and stress-free way to access the test results you need to provide to your patients and their loved-ones. The wait time for the results to enter the portal never holds you back from making choices for your patients’ wellbeing. As a physician, your time is important to us. Our quick access to electronic medical records makes it easy to stay on top of your patients’ records.

Contact us today for information you may need about our testing process, equipment, or physician’s portal.


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