Our Diagnostic Imaging Center in Flushing, NY on MRI Facts & Fiction

With the modern age of the Internet upon us, there are plenty of places you can go to get your information about specific medical procedures or testing. While this is good for many reasons, there is plenty of misinformation circulating on pretty much anything you can think about. At our diagnostic imaging center in Flushing, NY, we receive various inquiries about our facility, equipment, and other misconceptions surrounding diagnostic imaging that are just not true. That is why we want to set the record straight on some common MRI facts that may or may not be true. Here are just some of the most frequent ones we hear on a regular basis.

“I do not need a doctor’s referral before receiving an MRI.”

Fact or fiction: This is fiction. In our diagnostic imaging center in Flushing, NY and all radiology centers across the United States, you need physician’s approval before receiving an MRI. This is not only for your safety and health, but it also ensures that the test is being done for the right reasons as well.

“MRI’s can expose you to radiation.”

Fact or fiction: This is statement is also fiction. MRI’s, whether they are at our diagnostic imaging center in Flushing, NY or any other place where you can have them done, do not use radiation. Since MRI’s are explicitly powered by magnets and radio waves, they do not use radiation at all. Therefore you will not be exposed to it while getting one done.

“There are no differences between any types of MRI machines. They are all the same.”

Fact or fiction: The statement above is also false. There are many different varieties, capabilities, and structures of MRI equipment. At our diagnostic imaging center in Flushing, NY, we feature a stand up open MRI machine that allows our patients to have a less restricting testing experience. However, many other facilities only have traditional MRI equipment, which puts the patient in an enclosed tube during the procedure. Each of these different pieces of MRI equipment has a variety of different speeds, proficiencies, and allow for many kinds of patients.

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