Getting Rid of Claustrophobia With An Open MRI in Queens

One of the most common fears that we encounter in our patients before coming in for their diagnostic testing is claustrophobia or the fear of small spaces. Many traditional MRI experiences do trigger people who have claustrophobia because of the tight, constricted passage that they have to stay in throughout the duration of the test. However, with our open MRI in Queens and some common solutions to this anxiety, patients can get rid of claustrophobia for good. Here are a few ways you can keep the fear of small places at bay.

Take it easy – Leading up to your testing, it is essential to spend time relaxing beforehand. If you are someone who is susceptible to claustrophobia, having any form of diagnostic testing might trigger your fear of enclosed spaces. Whether you have opted for an open MRI in Queens or are going to move forward with the traditional MRI experience, it is important to relax before heading in to help make the process go smoothly.

Deep breathing – One of the best ways to cope with any fear or panic you might have is to practice deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing focuses your attention on how the breath is moving through your entire body and teaches you to inhale and exhale correctly. This type of relaxation technique can be beneficial with claustrophobia because it takes your mind off of your environment and places it solely on the rhythm of your breath.

Visualization – Another great technique when having an open MRI in Queens or any other type of imaging is practicing visualization. Visualization techniques involve picturing yourself somewhere calm and serene instead of where you physically are at that moment. This kind of tactic is especially helpful when it comes to claustrophobia since a lot of the focus during those moments of anxiety are based in your environment. Visualizing yourself on a beach somewhere or your favorite place growing up can help to switch your attention from the small space and go somewhere you are comfortable.

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