How Your Doctor Can Find the Cause of Your Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by many different injuries, factors, and conditions. Whether you are experiencing back pain due to a recent injury or it is something that gets worse over time, you will probably need to make a trip to your doctor so they can help diagnose what is going on. Just like many other medical issues, doctors have a specific set of criteria in which they diagnose back pain that includes questions, testing, and could involve an upright MRI in Queens. Here are some ways in which your physician might diagnose the pain in your back.

Your doctor will ask about your recent activity – One of the first steps in your doctor uncovering what is causing your back pain is asking you about your current activity. This includes what level of activity you do in your job and if there is heaving lifting involved, if you have children, if you have recently started exercising more often, or if you have fallen in the past few weeks. Your back is the epicenter of many nerves, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and is used in a variety of different tasks, whether you are aware of it being used or not. If one of these activities could have potentially caused your back pain, your doctor will ask about it.

Your physician will ask about your medical history – Another way that your doctor gets to the bottom of what is causing the discomfort in your back is through your medical history. If you suffer from certain conditions like arthritis, certain muscle disorders, or an autoimmune disease, your doctor will ask about it to try and see if it could have something to do with your back pain. Additionally, they will ask about any surgeries, previous injuries, or car accidents that you may have had, as those could cause your pain as well. If your medical history reflects current or undetected damage to your neck, spine, or lower back, they may send you for an upright MRI in Queens to get a better look at what specifically is causing your issues.

Your doctor will ask about injuries – A typical scenario for patients experiencing back pain is injuring a particular part of their body that they did not think had to do with their back. For instance, after a car accident, many people experience whiplash of varying degrees upon impact. However, it could be a few months down the road before that person who had whiplash notices they are experiencing shoulder or spinal pain. These type of injuries may go unnoticed at first, but your doctor will ask about them when trying to discover the cause of your back issues. If necessary, they may send you for an upright MRI in Queens after talking about the injury to measure the damage that has been done thus far to your neck, shoulders, spine, and lumbar regions of your back.

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