IBS Awareness Month – What You Should Know

April is National Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness month. According to the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal imaging centers in Flushing NYDisorders, IBS affects every 1 in 7 Americans and 10 – 15% of people across the globe. Unfortunately, many people who are suffering from IBS rarely seek treatment, due to most of them not knowing that the symptoms they are experiencing are part of something greater than indigestion. Here are some facts about IBS that you should be aware of so you can recognize specific signs in yourself or someone you love.

  • Researchers and physicians think that one of the most common reasons why people do not seek treatment for IBS is because they believe it is related to something else, such as stress, diet, or a virus. However, if the following symptoms persist past six months, your doctor will most likely test you for IBS:
    • Bloating, cramping, and/or frequent gas
    • Consistent diarrhea
    • Consistent constipation
    • Recurrent episodes of both diarrhea and constipation
    • Urgent or incomplete bowel movements
  • Outside of the standard criteria that are used to diagnose IBS, which referred to as Rome IV, your doctor can do additional testing to rule out other conditions. Those types of tests are:
    • Blood tests
    • Colonoscopies
    • Endoscopies
    • X-ray imaging
    • CT scans

If you need further testing from your doctor to diagnose your IBS and are looking for imaging centers in Flushing, NY, contact us today at (718) 507-8184.