How Your Doctor Determines What Type of Imaging You Need

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If you are experiencing symptoms of a disease, are sick, or are injured in some way, your doctor has a specific process that they follow to diagnose you. The same is true for when you need diagnostic imaging, in which your doctor will ask you a variety of questions to determine what type you need or use the imaging to rule out certain conditions or illnesses. Here are a few ways in which your doctor decides what kind of imaging you will need.

Your doctor will ask about your symptoms – One of the first ways your doctor will determine what kind of diagnostic imaging you need is through asking about your symptoms. If you have injured your tailbone, you will most likely need an x-ray. If you are experiencing symptoms that require more detailed imaging, such as issues with your joints or tendons, you may require an MRI.

Your doctor will take into consideration your limits – Another way your doctor will work with you to find the right imaging for your diagnosis is by considering what kind of restrictions or mobility issues you have currently. If you are injured and need assistance moving, your doctor will think about that before deciding what type of imaging you require to get to your diagnosis.

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