How Does a 16-Slice CT Scan Work?

When you head to our facilities for radiology in Queens, NY, it can sometimes be a lot to think about radiology in Queenswhat exactly you’ll be having done. Whether it’s a basic X-Ray of your ribs or an MRI of your wrist, it’s important to know what exactly happens during the procedure and how it will work. One of our most state-of-the-art pieces of equipment, our 16-slice CT scan, is one of the most high-tech ways to get an image of a patient’s body. Here’s how our 16-slice CT scan works.

What’s a CT Scan?

A CT scan, which is also known as a CAT scan, stands for computerized axial tomography. This type of testing gives the doctor images of a body part or various parts at different angles. It uses technology to piece all of these different angled images together to give the doctor a comprehensive look at what’s going on inside of your body. These images, which are also referred to as “slices”, give the doctor a look at your bones, blood vessels, and various tissues throughout your body.

The 16-Slice CT Scan

The 16-slice CT scan gives the doctor an even more accurate portrayal of what’s going on in your body. The 16 slices, or different angles, images, or views, give the doctor and radiologist a more fine-tuned diagnostic view of where there could be issues in your body. It’s extremely detailed and provides a thorough look at your body, as opposed to standard, one slice imaging.

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