About Our Upright MRI Machine

upright MRI in QueensAt Queens Dynamic Medical Imaging, we are known for being one of the most cutting-edge and state-of-the-art radiology centers in the Queens area. One of our most technologically advanced pieces of equipment is our Stand-Up Open MRI machine by Fonar, which offers a unique testing experience for our patients. Here is a little more information about our stand-up open MRI machine and some of its’ advanced features.

Fonar Upright® Multi-Position MRI

Considered to be one of the most technologically advanced MRI machines available today, the Fonar Upright® Multi-Position MRI machine allows for a patience experience like none other. The machine enables the patient to be scanned upright for the procedure, and also allows for them to sit down or be manipulated into other positions as well. This proves to be extremely beneficial to patients who have claustrophobia or mobility issues.

Additionally, the Fonar Upright® Multi-Position MRI also allows the doctor to see places in the patient’s body that they may not be able to see quite as well if they were to have a traditional MRI done. The upright MRI provides a detailed image of certain conditions like scoliosis, spinal dislocation, and other back issues that might be harder to see in the standard MRI setting. With the comfort this machine allows and the level of accuracy it provides in imaging, it is no secret that the Fonar Upright® Multi-Position MRI is one of our most high-tech pieces of equipment at Queens Dynamic Medical Imaging.

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