Medical Imaging Services in Flushing Queens, NY

At Queens Dynamic Imaging, our Open MRI near Queens NY is designed with you in mind. We offer Open MRIs at times that are convenient to fit the needs of your demanding schedule such as evenings and Monday through Friday. Our entire team is committed to providing the best and most efficient medical imaging services possible to aid in your diagnosis and management of your condition.

MRI Center in Flushing Queens, NY

At Queens Dynamic Imaging, we offer Open MRIs in a comfortable, convenient, and friendly outpatient medical imaging center with flexible hours for your convenience. We also have a variety of night and Saturday options to choose from. For advanced screening, we provide Open MRIs for comfort and accessibility for those who suffer with claustrophobia or patients looking for more space during their testing due to physical limitations. We also provide an option to occupy your mind with music or television shows during your procedure to help you feel more at ease. Our friendly and experienced staff will make you feel confident when you chose the MRI facility near Queens NY for your testing.

To schedule an appointment for medical imaging services in Flushing Queens, NY, simply fill out our easy online form and a member of our knowledgeable staff will contact you within one business day.

Questions? Contact Queens Dynamic Imaging for more information about the services we offer at our facility for medical imaging in Flushing NY.